12 common iPhone problems and solutions – Part 1

While some people may think that iPhone is a flawless device, just like any equipment device iPhones could encounter problems too. There are many common issues and easy solutions with iPhone. Here, we discuss 12 common iPhone problems and solutions. iphone 12 pro Max

iPhone 12 pro max

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1.    iPhone Won’t Turn On!

We know that nothing is more annoying than when the screen of your phone goes black and you can’t do anything about it. Don’t Panic! Take a breath and try these solutions before heading to the nearby Apple Store and get help. Perhaps we can solve your iPhone problem before the coffee pot boils!

Potential Solution 1:

Before anything, please connect plug your iPhone into its charger for a few minutes and see if it works. Perhaps the battery of your phone simply needs recharging to revive. If it seems doesn’t work maybe the problem is from the lighting cable, power supply or you didn’t plug it properly last time you charged it. Try another cable, a different supply or even plug it to your Mac. If it works you are lucky enough to avoid expensive costs iPhone  12 repair, else, don’t give up too early. Try our next potential solution.

Potential Solution 2:

If the battery charging is not the problem, your iPhone may need only a fresh start to return to its good days. But let’s try soft solutions before going too hard:

  • Press down the hold button, the single button at the top right- or right-hand side of your iPhone12) for a few seconds. Does your iPhone startup?
  • If it didn’t start up, sorry, we should try hard reset. Hold down on/off and Home button for 10-30 seconds until Apple logo appears.

Potential Solution 3:

  • Plug your iPhone to a Windows or Apple PC
  • Wait for iTunes to launch
  • If this happens, you may be able to restore your phone with iTunes

Potential Solution 4:

If nothing worked. You might want to save your iPhone using the recovery mode. The bad news is that it erases all data on your phone. But if you are lucky enough you should have a backup of your iPhone somewhere in your computer or iCloud. iPhone Recovery requires that your device connects to a computer and as well as some experience.

2.    iPhone Screen is Broken

The scariest accident happens when your phone inadvertently slips from your hand and it smashes to million pieces of sadness. But the worst is when you take your iPhone to an Apple Store for screen replacement. Without AppleCare, the silky glass could cost you a pretty penny. If your iPhone is out of warranty, you can get your phone screen replaced by the third-party repair shops at a portion of repair cost in Apple Stores. Make sure that the repair shop has a good reputation and experience in iPhone repairs.

3.    Battery Draining too fast

One of the most common complaints of the iPhone user is that their phone battery drains quickly. If you experience a rapid discharging of your device the main suspect is either an unhealthy battery or perhaps you are using your iPhone on high gear.

  • The best solution is turning off unwanted background apps and disabling unnecessary functionalities. For example, you turn off background downloads and refresh, unimportant push notifications, mail pushups, Bluetooth and cellular data when not in use. To save more battery, you may want to disable get rid of the “Hey Siri” feature too and see how effective is this trick for power saving.
  • Simply close Apps after usage and you’d be surprised how much battery you save.
  • Reduce screen brightness. Put your phone on Auto-brightness and let your phone decide on best settings in a different environment which leads to battery life-saving.
  • Check battery health from Settings→ Battery→ Battery Health.iphone 12 pro max

4.    Face ID is not Working

When Face ID is out of order it means that your phone doesn’t recognize its owner and you may lose access to your device. To overcome this problem:

  • Try removing any phone case or phone protector that might affect the functionality of the True Depth Camera.
  • Put off any ornament (sunglasses, jewellery) that could hider Face ID from recognizing your face.
  • iPhone only recognizes Faces in the portrait mode. So. If it is in a landscape mode just turn your phone in front of your face and see if it works.
  • If none of above worked, try setting up a new face ID from Settings→ Face ID & Passcode→ Reset Face ID and update IOS to the last version.

5.    iPhone won’t Charge

This alert can arise due to some reasons, a dirty or damaged charging port, defective charging device, and an incompatible USB charger.

  • Remove the safety pin and clean dust and debris from the charging port using s blunt paper clip.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Update to the last release of iOS.

6.    iPhone is Overheating

iPhone tend to overheat in hot summer days or with extreme usage (Yes, some game could make your iPhone get hot, especially when enclosed in a hard casing). You should be aware that long term overheating could damage your expensive iPhone. So, to cool your iPhone down:

  • Stop using your phone when charging.
  • Keep your phone away from direct sunlight and take off any case and accessories
  • Stop using your phone and put it on Airplane mode until it cools down.
  • Don’t plug your iPhone into the charger while it is still hot.

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iPhone 12 pro max