How to Shop

Here’s how you can start shopping straight away.

  1. Returning customers please click the “Sign In” link; new customers are advised to create an account with us by simply clicking the “Create” link;
  2. You can click the “Products” link to view all products in our database. Note that this is continually being updated with new products and prices so check back regularly;
  3. To locate a product, you can browse by Vendor name (eg. Microsoft, Toshiba);
  4. To locate a product, you can browse by Category (eg. Operating Systems, Laptops);
  5. To locate a products, you can search for a product by relevant key words;
  6. You can add the product to your Shopping Cart directly from the product thumbnail view; or
  7. You can click on the product image or name to view detailed information about it;
  8. You can send the link to this product to a friend of yours;
  9. You can print the product information to your local printer;
  10. You can view the rating of the product that other people have given it (or you can rate it yourself);
  11. You can add the product to your Shopping Cart. The default quantity is one, however, it can accept any number up to 99;
  12. To manage your Shopping Cart, or to complete your Order, simply click the “Cart” link or the icon next to it;
  13. You are now in the Shopping Cart – a simple 6 step process that asks you for some information to complete the Order. New customers, we recommend that you create a new account with us so that we can give you the best customer service experience;
  14. Click the “Check Out” button to continue through the Check Out process.