Why Should You Service Your Computer?

Why Should You Service Your Computer?

Computers have become a way of life for many people who study or work from home. Reliability is a major concern to keep up with the demanding everyday lifestyle of working from home and online educational learning. More and more technology has become an increasing necessity for everyday people.

When reliability is a major concern you should understand that inside most devices are moving parts and batteries that should be inspected on a regular basis. To make sure that the batteries are within safe limits and not “swelling up” , as some lithium polymer batteries do when they age, we can run a test to check the integrity of the battery, the charge capacity, and also make sure that there is no adverse “expanding” of the battery that could potentially damage internal components.

Fans that are designed to draw in cool air and remove hot air from the computer are subject to environmental particles such as dust, animal fur, hair, etc and can clog up over time increasing the internal temperatures of the machine which will ultimately lead to premature failure and an expensive repair.

At AMT Electronics we have a large assortment of parts for all major brands of devices ranging from Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, HP , and more! This cuts our repair and servicing time down drastically to help our beloved customers have minimal disruptions to their daily routine. With over 31 years in the repair industry, we know technology!


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