What to Do When Your MacBook Gets Wet: Tips for Water Damage Repair

In our increasingly digital world, few accidents are panic-inducing than spilling water over a laptop. Of course, the consequences vary according to the type of liquid spilled and the amount which lands on your device; however, in some cases, you may be able to fix a water-damaged MacBook with minimal effort.

So, you’ve just spilled water on your MacBook?

If you have just spilled water on your MacBook, disconnecting it from any power source is the first and most critical step. Water and electricity don’t mix, so attempting to power up your laptop could be dangerous. Depending on how nasty the spill was, you may not even be able to use your MacBook in the future. It’s also important not to turn it on or attempt DIY fixes while it’s still wet.

On the other hand, if you only spilled a little directly onto the keyboard, you may still be in luck thanks to the air-right keyboard of many MacBooks. This prevents (a small amount of) water from spreading too far into essential components such as memory boards or graphics cards. You will still likely need to replace your keyboard or take your laptop for servicing shortly after the spill, but this can help minimise any long-term damage from occurring.

What to do now?

If your MacBook has been exposed to any liquid, you first need to unplug it. It doesn’t matter if the wet MacBook still functions correctly; the risk of electrical shock and additional damage increases when a power source remains connected. Ensure that the adapter and any other peripheral connections are removed from the laptop before taking further steps to salvage your computer.

It’s also recommended to remove the battery from a wet Macbook, if possible. The added moisture can lead to increased wear and tear on crucial internal components, such as its motherboard and memory chip, increasing the risk of a short circuit or another malfunction. Before powering down your laptop for good measure, give all cleanable surfaces like ports, crevices between keys, and exterior shells thoroughly with rubbing alcohol to prevent future damage.

What not to do?

Water damage can be frightening for your MacBook, but luckily, there are ways to limit its harm. One of the most critical steps to take is ensuring you know what not to do to help mitigate the effects of water damage.

First and foremost, you should never turn your MacBook on until it’s scorched, as this poses the risk of additional electrical damage or danger. This can be difficult, especially if you’re desperate for reassurance that your laptop is still in working condition, but trust us – powering up too early can put your device at even more risk. Additionally, do not shake your laptop, no matter how frustrated you may become with your situation. Doing so will cause the liquid inside it to spread out evenly over different components and further worsen the internal damage.

These are just a few things you don’t want to do if faced with water-damaged hardware. With these steps in mind and a little patience and research, chances are good that your MacBook can still make it out mostly unscathed from a rainy day.

Step-by-step process to fix a water-damaged MacBook

  1. Unplug the MacBook from its power source
  2. Turn off the laptop and remove the battery
  3. Remove the computer from the wet surface
  4. Disconnect all devices
  5. Dry your MacBook as much as possible
  6. Let your MacBook in a dry and ventilated place
  7. Check if the water-damaged MacBook is working

Contact a MacBook repair service Near You

If you’ve gone through the necessary steps to power up your MacBook but didn’t have any luck, it’s time to contact an Apple-authorised repair service. Getting help from a professional is essential to get your device back up and running as soon as possible. An Apple-certified data recovery service can also assist in restoring your files so nothing valuable is lost.

AMT Electronics is an official Apple-authorised and independent repair provider specialising in emergency data recovery services. We offer a 24/7 response policy with expert technicians ready for advice or assistance. You can even schedule a free in-lab evaluation if needed. Count on AMT Electronics to ensure all of your data is safe, and sound should the need arise.


Can a MacBook with water damage be repaired?

Yes, a MacBook with water damage can be repaired. However, it is vital to act quickly. Unplugging the device and removing the battery is essential to mitigating further damage. Once this is done, ensure that all surfaces and ports of the laptop are cleaned with rubbing alcohol, as this will help prevent corrosion or other malfunctions.

How Long Does Laptop Liquid Spill Repair Take?

Repairing a MacBook with water damage can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the extent of the damage. If only superficial damage has occurred, such as a brief exposure to liquid, repairing your laptop in a relatively short period may be possible. However, if more extensive damage has been done, such as corrosion or electrical malfunctioning due to continued exposure to liquid, a longer repair process may be necessary.

What happens inside my MacBook when a liquid spill occurs?

When a liquid spill occurs on your MacBook, it can cause severe damage to the internal components. Depending on the type of liquid and how much of it was spilled, the damage can range from short-term malfunctions like slowdowns or display issues to long-term damage such as corrosion and electrical failure. When the laptop comes in contact with liquid, it is essential to disconnect the power source and remove the battery immediately, as this could prevent further harm.

Does the spilled liquid type matter when fixing the MacBook?

Yes, the type of liquid spilled on your MacBook can affect the repair process. For example, water is a relatively harmless liquid. It will cause less damage than beer, soda, coffee or other sticky drinks, as they can seep into smaller components and cause corrosion. Knowing what kind of liquid was spilled can help technicians determine the best course to take to repair your MacBook.

What can I do to fix a MacBook with potential water damage?

The first step to repairing a MacBook with potential water damage is to follow the above steps. Unplug the device and remove the battery, then clean all surfaces and ports of the laptop with rubbing alcohol, as this will help prevent corrosion or other malfunctions. Additionally, it is essential to let your MacBook dry in a well-ventilated area for several days before attempting to power it up again.

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