Synology DVA1622 brings AI-powered video surveillance to homes and small businesses


Synology DVA1622 brings AI-powered video surveillance to homes and small businesses

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A tailored solution for local use
The DVA1622 allows home users, shop owners, and others to profit from up to two simultaneous smart analytics tasks while monitoring up to 16 cameras in the smallest possible footprint. In addition, unlike its larger brother, the DVA1622 supports HDMI output for up to 16 streams on one screen and local controls via two USB ports, eliminating the need for a PC to monitor and manage your deployment.

‘We designed the DVA1622 specifically with the needs of small and home users in mind,’ said Tony Lin, product manager for surveillance at Synology Inc. ‘That doesn’t mean right-sizing its capacity, but also adding additional features to make sure that it can be used with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard for an all-in-one, standalone surveillance solution.’

More than just threat identification
Deep learning video analytic (DVA) tasks can help enhance security by actively identifying specific threats as configured. They also reduce the effort of securing premises by providing more accurate and filtered alerts. For instance, it will only notify users of movement by people or cars. Deep learning analytics can help automate aspects of site management by calculating occupancy and can also help generate statistics and other useful information.

Enhancing home security
Timely alerts are crucial to prevent break-ins. With one or two DVA tasks, homeowners can transform their home surveillance from simple CCTV recording to an active threat detection system that warns when suspicious activities are detected.

Many homes have lightly fenced gardens, driveways, sheds, and ground floor rooftops from which thieves can force themselves in. However, setting up motion detection for open areas can lead to many false notifications as animals, deliverers, and other inputs trigger alarms.

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