Is it safe to use a phone with a cracked screen?

You have cracked your phone screen! Maybe because your phone has slipped out of your hand or your kid threw it on the ground. Now the thin and silky screen is broken, you may wonder if it is safe to use it with a cracked screen?

Your smartphone display is made of glass or acrylic and can be damaged if dropped or if it receives a too much pressure. As the giant phone producer, Samsung, states in its Health and Safety Warranty Guide: You should stop using broken or cracked screen. it can cause injury to you.

Here are some risks may you encounter when you keep using a cracked screen:

1-Glass in Your Finger


When a mobile screen breaks it smashes into very tiny pieces. So, touching a badly cracked phone screen will possibly hurt you by small pieces of glasses. If you swipe or tap a cracked phone there is a chance that you could get small splinters of glass as doing so. These glass shards may penetrate to your skin, get into your blood and remain in your body for a long time, increasing the risk of cancer. Moreover, glass splinters may fall off your screen as you walk, creating a safety hazard.


2- Eye Strain


Smartphones are usually equipped with a High-Definition display giving the user a unique experience. However, if you insist on using a cracked screen, you will be left with an eyesore.

When you are looking to a picture or reading an article through a broken glass you are putting your eyes in pressure. In a damaged display, images and HD effects are distorted and you will miss a lot of detail. Therefore, you should scroll the screen more frequently to get rid of the broken area. In addition, you have to squint your eyes to reach content of the screen.

With a cracked screen checking latest news headlines or surfing social media is no fun and actually a significant task. You may even end up with tired eyes or tears.


3- Accident Risk


A damaged phone screen is distracting. You can even experience an accident while driving. For example, people employ GPS of their phone to navigate in unfamiliar roads. Usually a quick glance to the map is enough to know where to go. But with a cracked screen doing simple task is more difficult and time-consuming.

A cracked screen turns to find your way in the map to a demanding task. As you drive, you are forced to look longer to GPS to stay in the right track. It means that you have to take your eyes for more than a few seconds which could be serious safety risk.

To avoid the road hazard, it is recommended that you don’t use your phone with a broken screen while driving.


4- Radiation Hazard


Although there is no strong evidence that exposure to mobile phone radiation increases the risk of cancer or DNA damage in human, American Cancer Society has classified radiofrequency (RF) waves, as “Probable carcinogens to human”.


Cell phone communicates to nearby cell towers sending RF waves. This is a form of electromagnetic energy usually categorized as non-ionizing radiation. Fortunately, RF radiations are not strong enough to cause cancer or directly damaging our DNA. But some studies suggest that brain cancer or tumor growth damage is linked by increased cell phone usage.


By using a cracked screen, you will be exposed more to the detrimental radiation emanated from the phone’s internal system, especially if you keep always your phone near your brain.


5- Damage to Your Phone


A phone with a cracked screen is not going to be as before and the condition gets worse over time. when the phone glass is damaged, usually the touch functionality is limited. In that case, you have to push the touch screen more firmly to make your phone respond to finger gesture. In addition, it takes a long time for your phone to perform your touch commands. In the most catastrophic case, your phone will lose all its touching functionality and stop sending touching signals.

If your phone is cracked, there a great chance for completely shattering. It can become shattered if you drop it, even slightly. After the screen is crushed you won’t be able to see anything on the screen, making the phone quite useless.

Without the protection from the screen, phone is more susceptible to oil and dust which easily work they through cracks and may damage electrical circuits of your phone after a while.

People usually clean the display of their phone with a damp cloth. When your phone screen is cracked it is not advisable to do so. That s’ because water can seep into your phone and cause short circuits.

Last but not least, if you own a newer water-resistant smartphone and enjoy beautiful photos underwater, with a cracked screen it is no more considered as water-proof.

A phone with a cracked screen is not only aesthetically disgusting but also could put your health into risk. Moreover, it lacks very functionalities a sound phone provides. So, it is a wise decision to fix your phone’s cracked screen ASAP