How do you stop a phone crack from spreading?

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How do you stop a phone crack from spreading?

Most of us have experienced the unfortunate moment when the phone slipped from your hand and some cracks appeared on the screen, or the worse, it might be shattered into a million tiny pieces!

You may be tempted to overlook the cracked screen and go about the normal day. With cracks and scratches on your phone’s screen, it is not the best choice. Not only is unsightly, but it can also damage your health or make your phone useless.

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Bear in mind that once the screen is cracked seal structure of your phone is compromised. Dust and debris can find their way into your phone through cracks. Your expensive smartphone is no longer water-proof. Moisture can enter your cell phone and damage its circuits. This can shorten the life of your phone or possibly stop it working.

Besides, when you have a crack on your phone there is a chance that you get a finger cut. While you are using the touch screen, small shards of glass can go into your skin and make you uncomfortable. When you look to a cracked screen you put your eyes in pressure. In addition, you expose yourself to more harmful radiations from the phone.

Though a tiny shallow crack is not fatal for the display or touch screen, it may lead to a shattered screen making your phone impossible to use. Once a crack is started, possibility of the crack spreading can be high.

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However, to stop a crack getting longer or branching off, you can fill it with fast-acting liquid adhesives such as super glue or nail glue. In this fashion, although you may feel that sensitivity or accuracy of regions around crack is decreased, you will able to use your phone as usual until next time you have the screen replaced.

Investigate the Damage

First of all, act with caution. If your iPhone screen is smashed there is a good possibility that tiny glass splinters are still there. We don’t want you end up with a cut finger or an eye injury.

Assess the damage mindfully. Put your phone on a solid surface in good light and check it thoroughly. It there a single or limited crack or the screen is fully smashed?

Do some stress tests to determine whether the iPhone screen itself is damaged or just the protective glass. Does the phone respond well to touch signals, especially in the vicinity of cracks? Are there dark spots or other evidence indicating that display is destroyed? There are different temporary solutions you can try, depending on the severity of the damage.

If the Crack Is Restricted in a Small Region

When the damage level is not high and cracks have not affected the display in a large-scale, you can handle the cracks and prevent them from spreading with a compound called cyanoacrylate, found in things like super glue and nail polish. However, this method is not recommended as it using it extensively can damage your phone and possibly void its warranty.

Step by step guide to stop the iPhone screen cracks from spreading using liquid-adhesives:

  • Place your phone on a solid surface and put a towel under it.
  • Wipe dust and debris out of the screen gently with a soft cloth, being careful not to press too hard to make the crack worse.
  • Blow off dust from the screen using compressed air. Pay attention to the screen edges.
  • Apply a small amount of super glue or nail polish to the tip of the toothpick. Remove the excess adhesive with your other hand.
  • Move your phone back and forward and tilt it to make the adhesive seep deeper into the crack.
  • Immediately remove the excess adhesive by a smooth cloth.
  • Let the glue fully dry before using your phone again.

If the iPhone Screen is shattered

If your phone is completely shattered you should handle the condition until you take it to your local cell phone shop for repair. Carefully cut a piece of transparent packing tape to the size. Roll it over the screen slowly and flatly. Try to keep it flush and avoid wrinkles as you can. Please remember it is just a short-time solution. Needless to say, if you try to remove the tape your screen will come off with it.

You can prevent a crack on your phone screen from the further spreading by applying a few drops of liquid adhesives such as super glue. But certainly, the final solution is to get your phone screen fixed by a professional ASAP.

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