Does Toothpaste Help cracked screens?

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Does Toothpaste Help cracked screens?

Whether it is from the car key in your pocket or an unexpected drop, your iPhone screen may become a victim of cracks and scuffs. Same may happen to your laptop screen as your kid push it to the ground.

Often a tiny crack is not fatal for touch screen functionality, but if left untreated can spread and lead into a shattered screen. Cracked glass is more prone to smashing if you drop it again. Plus, dust and debris can work their way through cracks and damage your phone. As a result, the functionality and usability of your phone will be exacerbated.

Glass shards are dangerous and can easily penetrate into your fingers. It is recommended to put your phone in a plastic cover until you get it fixed.

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To tell the truth, the best and safest way to fix a scratched screen is to replace it ASAP. However, if the cracks are not so deep that it affects your device’s functionality or you want to postpone expensive repairs until the next scheduled gadget update, there is a perfect solution for you: Toothpaste.

You may be able to get rid of most shallow scratches filling them with toothpaste. Though it is not as effective as fixes offered by repair shops or apple store; it is not expensive and doesn’t require any experience or special tools other than common household. To attempt you only need a flavorless toothpaste (specifically a paste, not a gel) and some cotton swabs.

Steps to Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen with Toothpaste

  • before attempting out to remove annoying scratches, make sure you power down your iPhone, remove the battery (if possible) and seal your phone’s ports with tape to avoid fluid harm.
  • To prevent your cell phone moving put a hand towel under it. Place your phone on the towel so that its screen is facing up. Use a burst of compressed air to get rid of debris and dust on your phone screen. Be cautious that you don’t use strong air as it can damage your iPhone screen. Wipe out the dust gathered in the edges with a smooth cloth. Blow off the screen with a burst of compressed air again.
  • Dab a small amount of toothpaste onto the end of a cotton swab or a clean and soft cloth.
  • Remove excess toothpaste from the side of swaps with your fingers. Then, wash your hands with the water.
  • Keep the swap with your right hand (if you are right-handed). Hold the smartphone in your left hand. Dab the crack gently with the swab tip. Start from the left of crack and work to the right along the crack. Stop pushing the swap tip once you reached the other side of the crack. Use as many swaps as you need. Finally, throw out the swaps.
  • To fill the cracks spread in a wide region, you can also use a circular motion too. For that, gently rub swap tip to the screen in a circular motion until you notice that cracks drop,
  • Cover the little finger of your hand with a clean, smooth cloth. To wipe excess toothpaste from the crack swipe the crack with your finger from the left to the right. Remove your hand from the screen when you reach the other side of the scratch. Put away the soft cloth.
  • Many toothpaste types are highly abrasive. If toothpaste remains on your iPhone screen it may rub the screen over time. Clean the glass carefully with a piece of smooth cloth.
  • Examine the entire screen carefully to see whether the crack is still visible or the problem solved. If, despite your best effort, the cracks have not vanished, repeat the entire procedure one more time, starting from application of toothpaste to the swap.

You can use toothpaste to make superficial scratches invisible in your phone or laptop’s screen. But don’t forget that it is a temporary solution. You should get the screen replaced sooner or later.

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