What you need to know about the 7th generation iPad – Part1

iPad combines the power and capability of a computer with the ease of use and versatility of a mobile device. The new iPad 2019 inherited some advanced features of the high-end lineup but is sold at an affordable price of an entry-level product. Now, it sports a larger 10.2-inch display, Apple Pencil support, and Smart Keyboard connectivity. Here is all you need to know about the iPad 7th generation.

What is the 7th generation iPad?

iPad 7 or as it’s officially called seventh-generation iPad is a tablet manufactured by Apple with the same high standards in mind that the company is famous for. The new iPad was revealed and released in September 2019 and was warmly received by users soon after its announcement.

Unlike its predecessor, 6th-generation iPad which has a 9.7-inch display, iPad 7 is the first entry-level iPad that is shipped with a bigger Retina display, a feature Apple reserved for Pro models in the past. The device also comes with the support for smart keyboard and Apple Pencil. Apple has enlarged the body of 2019 10.5” iPad to make room for smart keyboard connectors, a feature transferred from higher-end lineup to the budget end for the very first time.

Like the last year’s entry-level iPad, the new 10.2-inch iPad runs iPadOS, a derivative of iOS that is optimized for the larger screen of Tablet. The change goes deeper than changing the name, Apple’s new tablet OS focuses on the exclusive features of iPads and introduces a smooth powerful multitasking experience exploiting the advanced multitasking capabilities of iPad.

When it comes to tablets, the 7th generation iPad is the best bang for your buck, and perhaps, the best value product Apple has ever suggested. It is the best choice for those who want to combine the power of productivity with the freedom of mobility spending only a portion of the cost needed for a Pro model.

How are Look and Design of the 7th Generation iPad?

In terms of design, the new iPad stays true to its iPad roots but features a slightly bigger 10.2-inch high-resolution display. On the paper, going from 9.7-inch to 10.2-inch might not seem like much, but adds a fabulous amount to the productivity and user experience. Nonetheless, the size increase doesn’t affect the portability of the device because the tapered edges make it easy to carry and it is much more portable than a laptop, including a 13-inch MacBook Pro. So, if you are looking for a computer to take with you anywhere, iPad 7 fits the profile nicely.

At first glance, you will notice that iPad 7 follows the same familiar design of the iPad line that hasn’t changed for several years. Its height and weight match exactly with the larger iPad 10.5-inch Air 2019 but looks a little thicker and heavier than the Air. This distinguishes the new iPad from Pro products, however, thanks to the tapered edged, it doesn’t look as thick as entry-level iPad 6. New this year, Apple managed to makes its iPad enclosure from 100% recycled aluminum, and offer a larger display along with an entry-level product.

The 7th generation iPad comes with a durable Aluminum shell, anti-scratch glass, the traditional home button and the solid look and feel of an Apple product. It’s available in three colors: Silver, Gold and Space Gray.

What’s inside the 7th Generation iPad?

The new entry-level iPad is powered by Apple’s A10 Fusion processor, the same chip used in sixth-generation iPad. Even though it might seem a little old, but it’s still more than capable, with a solid performance for apps most users need. For example, it can run any word-processing, web-browsing, productivity apps such as Ulysses and Things 3, or even mid-range games with no hassle. Taking advantage of iPadOS 13, iPad 7 also supports multitasking but you may experience occasional stutters and hiccups when running two apps side by side. If you are a power user, then a more powerful iPad like iPad Pro or iPad Air 3 might be a better choice for you.

In addition, Apple upgraded the RAM in the iPad 2019 to 3GB. But, as the benchmarks indicate, this did not help the new iPad to get an edge over the last year’s iPad. As you can see from the benchmark, the performance of the 10.2-inch 2019 iPad is almost identical to that of an older 9.7-inch iPad.

Although some people say that the new iPad is petrified when performance is concerned, reutilization of an older CPU seems not to be necessarily a wrong decision when looking at the target market. Using a three-years-old CPU is Apple managed to keep the price of its entry-level iPad as low as possible and make the product affordable the most people.


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