Some information on Apple iPad 2020 And iPad Pro 2020

As the iPad Pro was focused on the Software update in 2019, it is expected to receive a major update in 2020. Apple is expected to enhance camera system, augmented reality and support for external mice this year. Read on as we round up what we know so far.

2020 iPad Pro design

In terms of design new iPad and iPad Pro are unlikely to see any major changes. Renders leaked from onLeaks who has accurately anticipated the design of previous iPhone and iPad models confirms this. So, the modern and stylish design for iPad Pro 2018 remains the base for future iPads.

Reportedly, Apple is going to use the mini-LED technology for the next iPad Pro, which allows making the device thinner and lighter. However, this change is unlikely to ship with the next generation of iPad.

As being said and can be seen from leaked renders, the new iPad will look more similar to iPhone 11 featuring a triple-camera bump on the rear.

Triple-Cameras and Augmented Reality

According to rumours, the biggest change with the iPad 2020 is expected to be a triple-lens camera setup on the back. This configuration would improve camera performance specifically in low-light environments as well as augmented reality features. The camera system is similar to that one of the iPhone 11, but some rumours say that the iPad 2020 Pro will also sport a time-of-Flight 3D sensor, which would bring a better depth perception for the Augmented reality applications.

More Power and Speed

iPad 2018 was powered by Apple’s A12X Bionic chipset under the hood. While this is still an incredibly powerful processor, it is expected that the iPad 2020 will use an updated version of Apple’s A13 processors currently used in the iPhone 11. In this way, Apple is probably to upgrade the chip with the 2020 refresh and refer it as A13X Bionic if the historical name conventions followed.

5G Technology?

Will Apple embed the 5G technology in the iPad 2020? While we hope so but is unlikely that Apple a 5G-enabled iPad this year. Experience indicated that it is extremely unlikely that Apple brings 5G connectivity to the iPad before the iPhone. Apple is expected to release 5G connectivity for iPhone this year and transfer it to the iPad in 2021 using the modems supplied by Qualcomm.

External Mouse and Trackball Support

The analysis of an early code-base of iPadOS 14 leaked to 9to5MAC suggests that Apple intends to bring full and system-wide support for external mice to the iPad 2020. The support means that you can use an external mouse or trackball on the iPad and get the benefits and shortcuts similar to Mac OS. Of course, touch remains the primary input device for the iPad. The mouse cursor will disappear after seconds if you don’t touch the buttons.

Redesigned Smart Keyboard

Some reports from the supply chain suggests that Apple is planning a new version of its Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro 2020. The new Folio keyboard features backlights and a trackball on the bottom. This means a sort of redesign for the case as well, an update help iPad Pro, feel more “pro”.

New Apple Pencil?

Could a new Apple Pencil go along with the iPad Pro 2020 refresh? It’s certainly possible, but we have no rumours about that yet.

When will the next Apple iPad be released?

There is plenty of reports suggesting that Apple is going to release the new iPad Pro in the first half of 2020. On the other hand, some suppliers of Apple are now closed due to the Corona Virus outbreak, which can postpone the introduction of the new iPad Pro. Therefore, the expected date for the announcement of the new iPad Pro should be around April to September 2020.

Based on what we know now, the update of iPad 2020 Pro doesn’t seem to be a major revision expect camera update, support for external mice alongside a Folio keyboard with trackball. To find the truth, we should wait until the announcement event of iPad Pro.