Samsung Galaxy S8 Glitches & Solutions

The Samsung company launched their new device on 7th May 2017and, named this device Samsung.

Galaxy S8. This intelligent mobile phone looks attractive and smooth; its design is advanced called bezel-less design, which enhances screen size and gives it a wide-angle display; its body is made up of solid metal and glass is unibody technology which is more reliable, fully vacuum-packed, and trustworthy. The overall mobile collection is quite impressive and eye-catchy to the customers.

Indeed, Galaxy S8 is an old version of the Samsung company, but it is still considered an excellent smartphone and equitably luxurious.

Miserably, though, a few technical issues are certain for each mobile phone or such device. Same in the case of the Galaxy S8, a few hitches were highlighted by its users, and we tried to resolve these hitches with the help of different researchers. We have been trying to talk with the users of Galaxy S8, and we have gotten a few collective issues with that model of Samsung Galaxy altogether and trying to assist on how to fix those glitches in an easy and meaningful way.

There are around most common hitches and their method to resolve them.

  1. Applications crash / forced close
  2. Mobile camera unable to capture a photo
  3. Incompetent to find out pictures protected in the Google app
  4. Moistness in the charging dock
  5. Pause on the home screen (hang up)
  6. The wireless charging function is not functioning properly

Applications crash / forced close

It seems to be very infuriating when you are enjoying your mobile phone and it got stuck abruptly and your most desired application suddenly closed. The very first and current hitch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which exaggerates its users is the application crash or close a few apps forcibly like social media or mobile banking apps. This problem most probably happens due to an internet connection which may be Wi-Fi or mobile data. The other possible reason behind this hitch may be the overloaded mobile memory with heavy installed applications.

Resolution #1

Follow the given steps to resolve the hitch:

Resolution #1 - Follow the given steps to resolve Samsung Galaxy S8 Glitches

Resolution #2

To check the size of applications, follow the given steps:

Resolution #2 - To check the size of applications

To delete the problematic application, follow the given steps:

Steps to To delete the problematic application

Mobile camera unable to capture a photo

The second most facing problem for Samsung S8 users was its camera app demonstrates a threat of failure or Inappropriately it stooped/ hacked and get close. But, this glitch is also faced by some other android mobiles. Hardware disputes may be the reason for the threat of camera failure.


To resolve the camera app hitch let’s follow the underneath steps:

Resolution#1 To resolve the camera app hitch


Resolution#2 To resolve the camera app hitch

Incompetent to find out pictures protected in the Google app

Samsung Galaxy S8 users found an immense drift at its Central medium. Samsung S8 users are Incapable to discover the photos that they have downloaded from google apps on their devices.

There are following a few easy steps to resolve the discussed hitch.

Incompetent to find out pictures protected in the Google app

 Moistness in the charging dock

Besides numerous further specifications that the Samsung S8 retains,

it originates with an additional feature of IP68 Water-resistant.

This means it can control a few amounts of water (i.e.1.5m) for about 

30 minutes and save the device from any harmful effects.

Though this hitch is reported recently on various S8 devices.

Most of them are devices that were never immersed in water. This hitch is still there even once restarting the mobile phone or try to dry the charging port.

Causes to detect the hitch

To find out the main causes of the discussed hitch, the user must check the following errors and try to diagnose their one. If you get your problem from the listed causes, then must follow the given solutions.

Misty charging port

If the user faces a moisture error in the charging plug, he must try to clean the device and the experts recommended vacuuming the device but not trying to blow dry. If the user can easily resolve the issue it’ll be well n good but in case, they don’t want to try this at home then they should visit their nearest Samsung Customer Service Center for more assistance.

Cache Partition

Every apps store cache to reduce the load and provide users with a smooth experience. Sometimes this cache may be ruined a few of the mobile applications and start damaging the system of applications. In the same way, this cache may also be triggering the humidity sensors fixed in the charging docks and stopping them to work appropriately.


If you find the cause Cache, then follow the given solution

Resolution If you find the cause Cache


In a few cases, there seems to be a software update problem which may be the reason for this hitch. The system designers frequently update their software at the backend to overcome the problems in the device, that’s why the device users’ must check system updates with time. The system update will be fixed the glitches that reduce the capability of devices.


There are some easy steps to update the software of the system, follow these steps to resolve the issue.

Resolution to update the software of the system

 Pause/lag on the home screen (hang up)

This glitch is usually very common in almost Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S8 and others to face. The whole system goes hangs up and the mobile phone gets paused for a long time. This glitch may cause to slow down the mobile system or sometimes the device hang up too. In the case of using a home launcher, the user faces the pause/lagging issue on their devices, and they may consider the problem of UI. Here we have discussed a few common related solutions for that hitch.


There we provide basic and easy resolutions for this hitch, just follow the steps and get the solution.

  • Check the system updates first, if any then follow the underneath simple steps to update your device.

Resolution - simple steps to update your device

Wireless charging function not functioning properly

If Samsung S8 users facing an issue with wireless charging, then they don’t want to worry anymore we are here to guide them with a few simple resolutions. According to a few pieces of research and discussions, it is shown that there might be numerous reasons for the given hitch. Some causes are listed and discussed underneath below.


First, check your mobile phone is positioned

appropriately at the charging pad.


Secondly, if you are using any kind of protector or

the case for device protection then remove it

before putting it on the charging pad.


Thirdly, make it certain that you have an

accredited Samsung S8 charger/cable


Fourthly, you must turn on the option of fast wireless charging.