Malicious extension remote control’s Google Chrome

Malicious extension remote control’s Google Chrome

A new Google Chrome botnet called “Cloud9” has just surfaced and has the ability to hijack your Chrome web browser and take control  of your computer basically acting like a remote access trojan.  The virus can also affect Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers so it has definitely shown widespread abilities to infect.

Officially the Chrome extension is not available on the web store but has started infecting pc’s through other websites masking itself as fake updates such as Adobe Flash Player. Once the user installs the botnet it has the capabilities of a keylogger which could steal sensitive information and passwords. It also includes a “clipper” which constantly monitors your system for credit card details amoung other things.

Cloud9 can also load webpages injecting ads using your computer to generate ad impressions for its user and perform layer 7 DDoS attacks. “Layer 7 attacks are usually very hard to detect because the TCP connection looks very similar to legitimate requests.”

The best way to protect yourself is smart surfing habits and don’t download or install anything that you aren’t 100% sure that it’s genuine and also keeping your operating system up to date with security patches and a good antivirus program.  Working together these basic precautions can help stop most of the web threats out there before you’re severely compromised.


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