Why are MacBooks so expensive?

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Have you ever been shocked by the tag price of a MacBook? You are not the only person who thinks the laptop made by Apple are too expensive. The same could be said about the iPhone and other smartphones. As a matter of fact, quality comes at a price and MacBooks are not necessarily as they look at the first glance. cheap  iPhone repairs near Melbourne 

No Low-End Hardware

MacBooks are more expensive and that is for a good reason, they don’t offer low-end hardware. While you can get a cheap windows laptop or Chromebook for just $150, the price for MacBook starts form $899. In 2020, the average price of a budget windows laptop is about $600, which is much lower than the price that a MacBook starts at.

If you have a limited budget, Mac seems to be an expensive option for you. There are a lot of fine laptops in the market that do the job for you, but as it’s said; “you get what you paid for”. Considering the higher-end specs, MacBooks are not necessarily more expensive than other laptop brands. So, if you have $1000 or more for a notebook, you should go for a MacBook.

Better Value at the same Price

Let’s compare a 13-inch MacBook Air which is sold at $999 with a well-reviewed and popular Ultrabook laptop having the same price. You can buy a Dell XPS 13 starting from $799. However, the $799 model comes only with an Intel Core i3 processor and Intel HD graphics 5500. If you prefer a Core i5 processor you should buy the $999 model. This will go along with an 8 GB ram but you are still stuck to the slower 5500 HD graphics.

A Core i5 MacBook costs you $1299 but you will get a professional Intel Iris Plus Graphics and 512GB of SSD storage. Besides, Thanks to the dedicated hardware and software, MacBooks offer a longer battery life. For example, the 2015 Dell XPS has scored for 7 hours 18 minutes in Laptop Mag’s battery life test, while the Mac Book Air manufactured in the same year scored for 14 hours, nearly double the battery life.

MacBook features a magic keyboard and trackpad that provide a smooth typing experience and backlight for dark environments. Not to mention, a 720P facetime camera, retina display with True Tone technology, TouchID sensor and secure pre-installed operating system, seamless connectivity to other Apple products like iPhone and iPad. You can see that MacBooks provide a better value at the same price.

Pre-installed Operating system and Office Tools

Most laptops are sold with no operating system installed and put the cost of the operating system and required software on you. On the contrary, when you buy a MacBook because the laptop is shipped with pre-installed MacOS/drivers and all you need to do is pushing the power button and all you set! In this way, you will bypass the time and expenses needed to purchase an operating system and hire someone to set your notebook up.

MacBooks come with a number of pre-configured useful utilities such as office tools, Safari Brower or iTunes, making life easier for you. On the flip side, with an operating system such as windows, you have to download and install most tools manually and prepare yourself to pay for some features that are not a part of OS(i.e. Microsoft Office Package)

No viruses at all

Unlike a Windows laptop, in MacOs the concept of viruses is completely eliminated. So, you will have a more secure environment without having to worry about malicious codes. The best is that you don’t need to pay for a third-party antivirus or firewall which is advised for Windows-based laptops.

Smoother Run and Fewer Crashes

MacBooks are not only beautifully designed and last for a longer time but also are also more stable and prone to fewer failures and crashes during the time. They boot up much faster from the standby or power-off state compared to Windows. Thanks to the harmony between hardware and software, a chip MacBook can do things pretty much smoother and without hassle, expect tasks requiring heavy processing or multitasking such as gaming or graphic modeling. You should wait more time for a cheap Windows laptop to do the same job if the system can finish the requested task without error at all.

It’s no secret that buying a Mac is expensive, but it’s easier to justify the price when you thing in greet-looking, feeling hardware, secure operating system, smoother experience, consistently updated software and better connectivity with other Apple products, all come at a cost.

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