Is it better to repair or replace a phone?

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There is nothing more frustrating than a damaged smartphone. You may wonder is it better to get your broken phone repaired or buy a new device? While it up to you whether you need a repair or replace, to make the life easier for you, we ‘v provided some criteria you should consider before deciding on repair or replace.

Resell value of your phone vs. repair costs

Begin by comparing the cost of repairing to that of buying a new device. You can find the resell value of your phone on websites like Swappa, Gazelle and even Amazon. I need hardly to say that you should look for the price of a used phone and not a brand new one.

The next step is to request a quote for your phone repair from a repair technician. The cost heavily depends on the type of damage and the part(s) to be replaced. For example, if your phone battery has died, getting a new battery is much cheaper than buying a new phone. On the contrary, it is possible that the cost of replacing a broken touch screen or fixing a damaged motherboard would be comparable to buying phone. Fortunately, these kinds of expensive fixes are not very common.

Once you have determined the resell value of your for in a nearly perfect condition and the cost of repair you can better decide whether it is economical to buy a brand-new device or have your phone fixed by a qualified repair shop.

Time Considerations

As it is said, “time is money.” It is especially true if your broken phone is your primary device for work. Some repairs are time-consuming and you should tolerate without your device for several days. In this case, you may want to consider replacing your phone with a fresh one. This is a good idea if you can balance the cost of new device by selling your old phone at a decent price.

But don’t forget that purchasing and preparing a new phone also take some time. You have to invest some hours to research the options for the new phone and compare the price. In addition, you need a good chunk of time to set your new phone up, install apps and transfer your data from the old phone. In fact, in majority of instances repairing a broken device is much faster than buying and configuring a new one. Most mobile repair shops offer you an on-spot repair for quick fixes. In this case your broken phone is immediately fixed at the place or the repair technician asks you to wait for 30 minutes before you can get your phone back.

The age of your phone and the number of repairs

Sometimes your phone is very outdated and you want to get rid of it anyway. In other situations, you may like the recent upgrades on the phone or the new phone generation offers something your current phone doesn’t support and you really need it. Besides, every time get your phone fixed it is likely that the risk of future damage is increased. So, if your phone has undergone repairs for three or more times, it better to change your old device with a new one.

Environmental reasons

If the eco ratings and carbon footprints are important for you, you should know that buying a new phone doesn’t help our environment preserve. Most smartphone manufacturers don’t want you to know the fact that manufacturing an average smartphone is estimated to create an equivalent of 16kg Co2 emissions. There is in addition about 8kg carbon footprint for using a cellphone in the first two years. Moreover, smartphones are made of hazardous materials such as chlorine, lead, and mercury. Even not poisonous material used in smartphones such as gold, lithium, and tantalum can cause huge damage to our environment through degradation and mining. Yes, you can minimize the carbon emission and prevent climate change by getting your phone fixed by an expert rather than ordering a new one!

There is no clear-cut answer to whether it is better to repair a broken phone or change it for a new model. In most situations, it makes sense to repair your phone and enjoy it longer. Getting your phone repaired will save you a significant amount of money and time and lead to reduction in CO2 emission. Other times, you can sell your used phone and order an upgraded device for you.