Which Instagram apps are best for the iPad?

Instagram is fantastic for sharing videos and ideas and the iPad is the best for enjoying both. Unfortunately, the official Instagram iPad app lacks in the App Store. However, this void is filled by third-party apps. In an effort to save you the trouble of looking for these apps, we collected you the best Instagram Apps for iPad. Cheapest iPad repairs Melbourne

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Flow for Instagram

Flow is the best replacement for the missing Instagram app on the iPad. Unlike the official Instagram app published for iPhone, this app aims to deliver the best view on the iPad’s larger display. It offers a smooth browsing experience and a quality that is comparable to the official IG app. Here, thanks to the large screen of the iPad, you get a nice grid of thumbnails. Tapping on a photo shows the post in a pop up quite similar to the Instagram website. By double-tapping on an image, you can Like or Unlike or leave a comment.

Flow comes with several cool features. It let you to Bookmark (Star) people, tags and locations. Later you can track their feeds from the Bookmark icon in the sidebar without having to scroll your timeline. Used to trending button on Twitter? Flow gives you the equivalent for Instagram, Explore. Here, you find the top shopping and fashion feeds for any country you want. You can also search from the sidebar for any tag, user or place. The best, it provides you an option to disable video autoplay, a feature removed from the official app since the recent update.


With more than 10 million users this app is among the most social media popular apps designed for iPad. It allows users to view and scroll Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in one place. The interface looks cool and you can view Instagram posts like a beautiful photo gallery. The swipe-based navigation is simple and fairly intuitive. It makes toggling between social media site a simple task.

Using this Instagram App, you can upload multiple photos at once, make push notifications, chat with your friends and send them birthday gifts for free. In a nutshell, it turns social-networking to an intuitive, perhaps a fun experience.


Padgram is one of the must-have Instagram apps on your iPad that provides you with a complete Instagram experience. The interface is optimized to work well with both portrait and landscape modes. Tapping on a grid thumbnail displays the post in full size with descriptions, likes, and comments. This amazing Instagram viewer allows you to save the photos and videos on your device or share them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Padgram is free with internal ads, but it has an option to purchase the VIP Package for a few dollars per month. In the VIP version ads are removed and you have access to the premium features such as smart downloads and unlimited tags.


If you prefer to view your Instagram pictures in a style similar to Pinterest, Pinstagram is the way. This hybrid Pinterest-Instagram app brings the waterfall layout of Pinterest to Instagram but you still can view, like and share pictures and videos, as in the official IG app. In addition, you can pin Instagram photos on your Pinterest wall. With nice animations and larger photos, this app provides an unrivaled scrolling experience for both Retina and Desktop screens.

iVisual for Instagram

It is a great Instagram viewer for both iPad and iPhone. It allows you to scroll timelines like a magazine. Utilizing this app, you can follow, unfollow users, track feeds, read and write comments or view trending pics as easy as a pie.

Although all these third-party apps offer a smooth user experience, we think that, for a better experience, Instagram should make its own official app optimized for the Retinal display on iPad.

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