How to bypass Android Lock Screen!

How to bypass Android Lock Screen!

How to bypass Android Lock Screen!

Recently it has been discovered on the Google Pixel 5 & 6 models that by entering a pin incorrectly 3 times  and recovering the locked sim using PUK code the phone will only ask you for a fingerprint scan. This is unusual because it was supposed to ask for a passcode.

After entering “the correct PUK number, a “dismiss” function was called twice, once by a background component that monitors the SIM state, and once by the PUK component. This caused not only the PUK security screen to be dismissed but also the next security screen in the stack, which is the keyguard, followed by whatever screen was next queued in the stack. If there’s no other security screen, the user would directly access the home screen. The issue is caused by the keyguard being wrongfully dismissed after a SIM PUK unlock due to a conflict in the dismiss calls impacting the stack of security screens that run under the dialog.”

This incident happens on Android versions 10,11,12, and 13 and Google has designed a patch to correct the flaw which was released on Nov. 7th, 2022. Most users are unaware of the situation and unless your mobile device is set for Auto Updates then the match may have yet to be applied.



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