How much do iPhone screen repairs cost?

No matter how careful we try to be, an accident can happen. You ‘v dropped your iPhone and cracks showed up on the screen or even worth, it has smashed into a spider’s web of sadness. Once you ‘v stopped blaming yourself you need to find out how much do your iPhone screen repairs cost? If you have AppleCare+ you can get your screen fixed by Apple with just $29. Otherwise, you need to spend more money to fix a broken screen. Generally, the repair cost of a cracked screen depends on the model and warranty status of your phone.

Screen repair costs when you are under warranty

Apple offers a limited one-year warranty with the iPhone. The standard warranty doesn’t cover any accidental damage. It means that if your iPhone’s screen is cracked, Apple is not going to fix it for you, at least at a reasonable cost.

In this situation, you may immediately think of having it fixed by a third-party repair company. But according to the iPhone warranty term, if the phone seal is opened by anyone other than an Apple-authorized technician, the warranty is automatically voided.

So, when your iPhone screen is broken the first thing you need to do is to head over to and sign in with your Apple ID. Next, you can enter your iPhone serial number to check whether you are still under warranty. If it is, your best option is to request a repair of the service directly from Just go to Repairs and Service Coverage section and set up a repair. After you selected the damage type the repair price and nearby Apple stores and Apple authorized service center will be shown to you. There you can make an appointment for a local service center or alternately mail your phone to Apple.

Apple Care center costs (AppleCare+ coverage)

If you have already purchased Apple Extended Warranty you are lucky. AppleCare+ not only extends your iPhone standard warranty to total two years of full coverage but also covers up to two incidents of accidental damage. In other words, you can get your cracked iPhone screen fixed with a fair cost up to two times. With AppleCare+ coverage each repair has fee attached to it, but that is still much cheaper than most low-cost repair shops. For example, replacing a broken iPhone screen includes a $29 fee for all models ($25 fee+$4 shipping). You can purchase AppleCare+ for $99-129 depending on your iPhone model. The cost is higher for newer models.

Screen repair costs if you have iPhone insurance

Most iPhone insurance companies cover accidental damage and screen repairs. However, you should check with your own insurance company to ensure that their policy covers the repair costs of a broken screen. In most instances, they don’t pay you the full cost of the repair. But at least you can file a claim and for the response from the insurance company.

Apple Care center costs (out of warranty)

If your iPhone’s standard or extended warranty is expired you can still bring it to an Apple service center for a repair but with a higher fee. Apple significantly increases the repair costs for the out of warranty products. For example, replacing the screen of iPhone XS Max without warranty or AppleCare+ plan cost you $329. An iPhone 8 plus or iPhone7 plus screen is $169 if you have no warranty coverage. As you can guess, the screen repair price for older models is lower. For instance, you may revive the broken screen of your iPhone 6 or iPhone SE spending $129. Nonetheless, the resell value of older iPhone model is less than frontend ones. Please note that these prices only include replacing the glass screen. If your phone needs additional repairs such as LCD or digitizer layer fixes the repair costs may go up to $599!

Third-Party company costs

When you have neither standard warranty nor AppleCare+ choosing a low-cost repair seems to be a good idea. The reason is that services offered by local repair centers are often much cheaper (On average $70-90$ in the United States) and, despite the screen replacement by Apple that usually takes 7-9 days, you can get your phone back on the same day. But, remember that an unskilled technician may cause irreversible damage to your phone. Always look for a shop that has a good reputation and is experienced with iPhone repairs.

If you have AppleCare+ warranty you they only will charge you $29 for repairing a cracked iPhone screen. Otherwise, iPhone screen replacement in an Apple Authorized service center will cost you $129-$329 depending on the model of your iPhone. When your damaged phone is out of warranty, your best option is to have your broken screen repaired by a local mobile shop, costing up to 90$.