Everything about iPad RAM – part 2

What type of RAM is used on different models of iPad?

The original iPad was released with the first generation of mobile DDR, which was a slightly modified form of DDR SDRAM used in stationary devices to reduce overall power consumption. The bus clock of this generation was as low as 200 MHz (about 5% of today’s modern RAMs). The RAM type on iPad 2, Mini(1st),3rd, and 4th were upgraded to the LP-DDR2, a more efficient RAM type for mobile devices and two times faster than the previous generation.

The next generation of LPDR appeared on Air (1st), Mini 2, and Mini 3, Mini 4, Air 2, and 5th models of iPad. With the bus of 800 MHz, LPDDR3 brought a higher data rate, greater bandwidth and power efficiency, and higher memory density to mobile devices. iPads released later make use of a faster LPDDR4 RAM which can transfer data at the rate of 1600 MHz.

Later, Apple used the LPDDR4X memory type for its flagship tablets such as iPad Pro 12.9” and iPad 11(2nd). The letter X at the end of memory type shows that it is a variant of LPDDR4 that is identical to it but consumes less power for the same task. Guess what’s the result? iPad Pro 12.9” has a better battery life than its old siblings.

How much RAM do the different models of iPad have?

Ten years ago, 128 MB RAM was enough for most phones and tablets that run only simple apps. But as the apps grow, they demand more resources to devour. Tablet manufacturers responded to this trend by increasing the amount of RAM installed on their devices.

Apple reacted to the change by increasing the capacity of mobile RAM used on iPads but at a slower pace. For comparison, the first generation of iPad has only 128 MB RAM to 256 MB while the recent model of iPad comes with 6GB of RAM. Here is how much RAM each iPad model has:


iPhone ModelsRAM Size
1st 128-256 MB
2 and Mini (1st),3rd,4th and Air 11GB
Air 2, Mini 4, 5th, Pro 9.7 and 6th2 GB
7th, Air (3rd) and Mini (5th)3 GB
Pro 12.9″ (1st), Pro 10.5”, Pro 12.9″ (2nd),

Pro 12.9″(3rd) (<1 TB) and Pro 11″(1st) (<1 TB)

4 GB
Pro 12.9″(3rd) (1 TB), Pro 11″(1st) (1 TB), Pro 12.9″ (4th) and Pro 11″ (2nd)6 GB


How much RAM does an iPad Air have?

While Air 1 has 1GB of RAM, Air 3 features a 3GB RAM and Air 2 comes in the middle with 2 GB of RAM. To remember it easily, you can think that every generation of iPad Air has a RAM capacity in Gigabytes which corresponds to its generation number.

Which iPad has the most RAM?

iPad Pro 12.9” (1 TB) has the highest amount of RAM seen on an Apple-Pro tablet. It features 6GB of LPDR4x high-speed mobile RAM. Other models of iPad Pro that have less than 1 TB storage are shipped with 4GB RAM of the same type.

Is 2gb RAM enough for iPad?

Yes, for general tablet use it’s fine. But your apps will load faster if you have more. On the other side, if you use your iPad for gaming or as an artistic device, it’s better to upgrade to an iPad that features at least 4 GB of RAM.

One of the most important factors that contribute to a tablet performance is its RAM quality and quantity. While Apple iPads always take benefit of the most RAM theologies available in the market they come with a less amount of RAM installed but offer the same performance. The reason is that iOS manages RAM resources more efficiently and thus, needs less RAM to run the same task.