Best iPad Apps for 2020

Without a rich selection of apps, an iPad is nothing other than a luxurious toy. But the right apps can transfer the iPad into a fabulous movie maker, a powerful email organizer, a handy note-taker or even a professional art studio. We tested thousands of apps and selected a definite list of apps for 2020 that worth your time and money.



If you are looking for a quick, free and easy way to learn a new language, indisputably Duolingo is for you. It is a great example of a user-friendly app. All you need is to set up a profile as well as your weekly goals and off you go. With free a subscription you can access the most parts of the app but Duolingo Plus for $9.99 a month removes ads and allows you to save and practice lessons offline.



It’s no secret that twitter is the king of social media. That 140 characters can change your life, help you find your next job or love, and this iPad app provides you the opportunity to exploit these capabilities very well. You can read and send twits, watch online videos, and even stream live videos with your iPad.

Adobe Photoshop Mix


This App brings some of the most powerful capabilities of Photoshop to your iPad. With the help of Adobe Photoshop Mix, you can create beautiful collages by mixing several photos or edit your artwork. It offers sophisticated and easy-to-use tools to create and manipulate impressive images and animations. The only limitation is your imagination. It allows you to use Apple Pencil to trace, arrange and cut elements, making life much easier.

Apple iMovie


When it comes to editing videos on the tablet, Apple iMovie is the only game in town. With the use of this app, you can record, edit and share wonderful movies effortlessly. There are more than a dozen amazing trailer templates to choose from. It also lets you save a video in 4K and transfer projects between your iPad and iPhone using AirDrop or iCloud.

Microsoft Excel


Microsoft office package is regarded as one of the must-have tools in your iPad. Especially Microsoft has managed to fit the gigantic spreadsheet of Desktop Excel into narrow dimensions of iPad. On a tablet, you get most features of the Desktop version such as sorting, filtering and charting as well as a touch-friendly interface. This comes very handy If you want to create and present reports and charts to your boss or your clients.



Procreate is a painting app that blends user-friendliness with proficiency and performance. It is designed to meet the requirement of artists who want to make the most of the iPad’s potentials, including the App Pencil. Procreate provides you all the tools you need to sketch, paint and illustrate images in a jiffy. Whether you are an old master or a budding artist you will like this superb affordable app.

Note Taker HD


Note Taker HD is a distinct winner in the field of note-taking on iPad. It helps you to capture notes using your finger, a stylus or a keyboard. Unlike most iOS apps, its user interface is designed to be very intuitive but powerful. Note Taker HD offers a range of simple and effective tool to create annotations and take notes. Beyond the text, it provides you a graphical mode to create graphs, charts and musical staff lines.



Mint is a personal budget tracker app that lets you manage your finances in one place. Simply create an account and add your financial information, Mint will automatically import and categorize transactions and give you a useful suggestion based on your budget. It also warns you when a bill is due or you have budget problems.

We provided you a selected list of must-have apps. Use them to get most of your iPad, regardless of the model, in 2020.