80,000 Webcams at risk of Spying on you!

80,000 Webcams at risk of Spying on you!

80,000 Webcams at risk of Spying on you! There are about 80,000 webcams all over the world right now that are at risk of being compromised by hackers because they have yet to be patched for a major botnet security flaw.

Hikvision camera products were found by CYFIRMA being sold on the underground and vulnerable to a cyber warfare botnet attack. Botnetting is when a host computer takes over many computers and allows the master to extract data as well as control the slave computers using them to infect more devices. The unpatched webcams are hosted on the user’s network and allows the hacker to gain control over it and thereby compromising the security of other devices connected to the user’s network.

Various types of data mining can occur compromising banking details, user’s identity, Govt. logins, corporate infrastructure details, etc. These details can all be sold to the highest bidder on the underground or used for the hackers own personal gain.

The best ways to prevent these kinda of attacks are by keeping your security software and operating systems up to date with the latest security patches not to mention frequently changing your passwords.