Will the iPhone 15 have a dynamic island?


Apple decided to mix it up with the iPhone 14 series, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus kept with the standard old-school notch, however the the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro max added a new design with the Dynamic Island shown in the picture below.

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This brings in to question whether Apple is satisfied with the direction of the Dynamic island enough to keep it going with the iPhone 15. There is no concrete evidence yet to say either way, however a number of leaks and rumours have shown the answer to this question.

Apple allowed app developers to access the dynamic island feature and implement custom features making use of the extra screen space to allow for shortcuts and other actions. A newsletter by Bloomberg’s “Mark Gurman” back in January mentioned Apple will stick with the Dynamic Island feature for the iPhone 15 series, though which specific models will either include, or exclude it is not confirmed.

Though the Dynamic Island is a useful feature for many, some people’s preference is a clean screen with the bezel up the top, as this can allow for a neater look. We will have to see what Apple will do with their iPhone 15 series but you can be sure AMT Electronics will have accessories that let you customize your phone to look how you want it to with unique cases, protectors and other accessories.

Let us know in the comments you’re looking forward to the dynamic island sticking around, or if you’d prefer they went back to the small bezel!

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