Optical Data Storage And Management

Optical Data Storage And Management

Safeguard the information that powers your business and everyday life! Empowers new and professional users to protect critical data cost-effectively in small business and home environments with a secure method eliminating the risk of malware or ransomware.



Key Features:

Business are generating enormous amounts of digital information every day, and are constantly in need of more read/write storage capacity. With the number of digital files expected to double in the next few years, companies cannot afford to lose any of these valuable assets. It is more critical than ever to be able to quickly recover digital assets to maintain a constant workflow and high productivity level for strategic and economic advantages.

Currently, tape backup systems are typically used to back up these valuable digital files. But poor durability and inaccessibility to store data are proving such tape solutions to be less than effective. To respond to these challenges, Digistore Solutions offers a family of breakthrough optical storage solutions that provide stability, fast recovery, and ease of use – for unparalleled price and performance. Digistore Solutions has the right configuration to fit your data backup needs.


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