CD / DVD Cases

CD / DVD Cases

Centurion CD storage is the industry’s first affordable, simple,safe and secure way to catalog, use, store and manage your CD’s, DVD’s, Blue Ray, & Tera Disc’s. It is an easy-to-use disc library solution designed for home, business, education, professional, corporate or government users alike.


Key Features:

  • 100 discs capacity per unit.
  • By stacking multiple units the device is scalable to manage up to 127,000 discs from a single interface on your PC or Macintosh.
  • Cost effective solution for storage and retrieval of Media.
  • Plug and Play (Windows and Mac OS compatible)
  • Stackable:- easy to access large inventories (data and audio information)
  • Key word search capable software
  • Simple computer interface
  • Stores any 80mm and 120mm sized Disc (including CDs, DVDs, Music, Game, Blu-ray and HD-DVD)
  • Ease of use and functionality
  • Sturdy plastic housing enhances protection (against shock and dust)
  • Password protected to restrict access


  • Talk to a trained, local expert for your free recommendation
  • Enjoy speedy delivery
  • Australia’s most trusted name in Business IT over 20+ years


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