Simplecom CM102 HDMI to VGA + Audio 3.5mm Stereo Converter



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Simplecom CM102 HDMI to VGA + Audio 3.5mm Stereo Converter

CM102 HDMI to VGA adapter is ideal for connection your HDMI device to a VGA compatible PC monitor or projector. It supports resolutions up to 1080p Full HD, built-in active chipset with improved compatibility, supports most desktop, laptop, game console and Android TV box, including Intel NUC, Macbook, Raspberry Pi, PS3, PS4, Chromebook, Chromecast, Apple TV, Foxtel and more.


Connecting an HDMI compatible device to a monitor or projector with VGA port
Supports resolutions up to 1920×1080 (1080p Full HD)
Detachable HDMI Cable, easy to connect Digital Media Receiver with HDMI Male Plug
With advanced video processing chip, for better compatibility and image quality
Self-powered by HDMI port (USB Power is a backup power source and Not Required as most HDMI port can supply sufficient power)
HDCP Compliant, support most HDCP HDMI output, e.g. Apple TV, Foxtel, and other Internet Streaming Box

Input: HDMI
Output: VGA + 3.5mm Stereo Audio
HDMI input formats: 480p, 576p, 720p,1080p
Supported Resolution: Up to 1920×1080@60Hz
HDMI Cable Length: 50CM (Detachable)
Package Contents

1 x CM102 HDMI to VGA + Audio Converter
1 x USB Cable (for backup power source only)
1 x HDMI Lead

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