PNY 16GB (1x16GB) DDR5 UDIMM 6000MHz CL38 Desktop PC Memory RGB


PNY 16GB (1x16GB) DDR5 UDIMM 6000MHz CL38 Desktop PC Memory RGB

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PNY 16GB (1x16GB) DDR5 UDIMM 6000MHz CL38 Desktop PC Memory RGB


PNY XLR8 Gaming MAKO EPIC-X RGBâ„¢ DDR5 Memory is designed for gamers and enthusiasts and offers a brilliant RGB design combined with extreme overclocked performance, taking your PC to the extreme. The modules feature aluminum heat spreaders with elements inspired by the fast and aggressive Mako shark from which it gets its name. Aerodynamic “SHARK’ design, serrated cut idea from “GILL SLIT’, thermal via efficiently dissipates heat. An XLR8 logo and GAMING text is proudly emblazoned on the side of the module and silver angled relief lines are machined into the heat spreader to reflect other components lighting and provide unmatched flair and style. Compatibility with Intel XMP delivers extreme overclocking out of the box and allows users to get the most out of their MAKO DDR5 modules. Top-tier components and select ICs combine to deliver aggressive speed, low latency and the bullet proof reliability gamers and enthusiasts can rely on PNY for. For more than 35 years, PNY has been rigorously sourcing, testing, and manufacturing memory upgrades for thousands of the post popular PC platforms. Get your custom PC dressed and ready for battle with an XLR8 Gaming MAKO EPIC-X RGBâ„¢ DDR5 6000MHz CL38 upgrade from PNY and watch the world blaze. Customize your PCs color and lighting effects, without the need for additional cables or connectors using the supported Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and ASRock Polychrome Sync software

Memory Type DDR5 Unbuffered DIMM
Capacity 16GB
Channel Type Quad-channel Kit, Dual Channel
Frequency Speed (JEDEC) 6000MHz (PC-48000)

CAS Latency CL38
Voltage 1.3 V
Speed Compatibility 4800MHz-6000MHz
Warranty Limited Lifetime

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 170 × 150 × 3 cm
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