The Nvidia RTX 4090 – A Monster Graphics Card!

The Nvidia RTX 4090 – A Monster Graphics Card!

The Nvidia RTX 4090 – A Monster Graphics Card!

With the release of the new RTX 4000 series cards there have been a lot of high expectations and Nvidia did not disappoint! The new generation is definitely more powerful but to the point of being mind blowing! In some graphics scenarios the RTX4090 is up to 70% faster than the previous RTX3090!

On top of being large physically taking up 3 PCIe slots and being so long that you may need to upgrade your case size as it is astounding large. To provide power an ATX 3.0 PSU is needed or some manufactures are providing a 16-pin to 4 x 8-pin adapter cable to provide power. This makes even plugging in the power cables challenging making some side doors not fit because of the protruding cables. There also are some right-angled connectors making their way into the market now to help overcome that extreme protrusion. The Founders Edition is rated to 450W but can draw up to 600W of power!

The RTX4090 is a card that now brings the possibilities of 8K gaming into effect. The more you crank up the settings the card seems to beg to be pushed even harder producing fantastic frame rates at ridiculous settings. “In DaVinci Resolve 18 Studio, the RTX 4090 can render out a 4K60 clip at a 40,000 bitrate in under two and a half minutes.” This card is designed for extreme performance at the top end of the price spectrum.

Reasons buy the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090:

  • You’re an enthusiast looking for the best of the best
  • You’re into overclocking
  • You’re a content creator or professional who can leverage GPU power
  • You intend to game at 4K or even 8K

Reasons not to buy the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090:

  • Your sole purpose is gaming
  • You aren’t gaming at 4K
  • The price is offputting


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Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 review