Common Computer Problems and How To Fix Them

Computers have improved significantly over the years. Longer battery life, better display, slimmer designs, and more importantly extreme processing power. There has never been a better time to own a laptop than now. The sad news though is that with better laptops comes even more complex technical problems. The good news is that AMT Electronics has created a futuristic service list to help you deal with all your laptop problems.

Most Common Laptop Problems

There are dozens of problems that come with laptops. All of them are classified into two distinct groups, which is software problems and hardware problems.

Hardware Centric Problems

The Blackout


Dead Motherboards

The most common cause for this is a dead motherboard. Electric shocks and liquid spillages can result in your motherboard failing and eventually your laptop blacking out.

AC adapter and DC jack

In most cases, if the AC adapter fails, the charge will not be transferred to your battery and your PC will back out regardless of the condition of the DC jack. If the DC jack is not working, power will not be transferred to the motherboard. There is a need for both the AC adapter and the DC jack to be working to avoid a total blackout.

How To Fix It

The best fix for both causes of the total blackout on your laptop is to replace the faulty components. The AC adapter and DC jack are cheap, but the motherboard can be quite costly. It is important to buy genuine replace mint parts and at  AMT Electronics the company policy is to only use genuine certified motherboards, AC adapters and DC jacks s replacements. You cannot compromise when it comes to the quality of replacement neither does AMT Electronics.

Extreme Loudly Noise


Cooling Fan

This is usually the main cause of the noises, especially the whirring noise. If the fan is not rotating or is having intermittent rotations, it will certainly result in a loud whirring noise intermittent rotations can be because of dust build up inside the fan area.

Hard drive

If your laptop does not use an SSD, your memory system might be the cause of the excessive noise. A hard drive uses a magnetic system and if the hard drive is faulty one of the symptoms is rattling and grinding noises.


For the fan, the first thing is to clean it up and clean up the fan areas as well. This required expertise and expert tools as well. The last thing you would want is to destroy all the other components as you try to fix the fan. If it is the fan that is faulty, the best thing would be to replace it. AMT Electronics has both, expertise, and a wide range of quality replacement fans for your laptop.

If the hard drive is the source of the problem replacement is the best option. Although hard drives can be fixed (to a certain extent) it is rarely a long-term solution. We recommend that the very moment you hear these loud noises, you should back up your data and get experts to replace your hard drive with a certified replacement hard drive.

Unresponsive Keyboard


The main cause of unresponsive keyboard keys is a mechanical error. Spillages can also result in keyboard keys becoming nonresponsive. What you need to know though is that as you continuously use your keyboard it is bound to respond to wear and tear and some keys will become unresponsive before the others.


If keyboard keys are unresponsive due to mechanical error or spillages, you would need to replace the entire keyboard. Most keyboards are laptop specific, and you would need an expert to go through the installation.

Broken/ Cracked Screen


Most screens get damaged because of excess impact. If your laptop falls or if it is pressed against something, chances are there will be cracks, and this will affect its ability to display. The whole screen might not get obscured, but the “half-screen” experience is certainly something you would not want.


With OLED displays making their way to laptop screens, there is a need to ensure that your damaged laptop screen is replaced with a similar display to the original one to ensure optimum performance. Anything else will result in a mediocre experience. AMT Electronics has a library of laptop screens and if you are having trouble with your laptop screen, they will get you sorted in little to no time.

Consistent Power Cuts


The most common cause for repeated “power cuts” on laptops is a faulty motherboard. In some instances, though, this can be a result of a memory module failure.


If the cause of these problems is the motherboard, the expert technicians at AMT Electronics recommend replacement. There is no “good” fix for a motorboat that is better than a replacement and that is certainly what you should go for,

If the intermittent functionality is being caused by meteor y module failure the best way to deal with is to make sure that all the memory modules are installed correctly. Experts at Amtech will remove and reinstall all the modules to ensure that they are installed perfectly in their slots.

Liquid Damage

This is one of the worst laptop related problems. The reason for this is that liquid damage is quite unpredictable, and it can result in several components of your laptop failing to work. It can be quite a difficult job to identify the actual component  that is resulting in your laptop having problems


The best option here is to opt to get an expert diagnosis to find the components affected by the liquid damage. Some of the components are fixable whilst others will need replacement. It is very important though to ensure that you get expert advice and you avoid the DIY route. Water damage may be very pricey to fix but it is certainly fixable.

Software Related Problems

The biggest error people make when it comes to software related laptop problems is the firm belief that they can fix it themselves.

There are dozens of problems that can be caused by faulty software. The list includes:

  • Malware attacks
  • Boot error
  • OS lag
  • Frozen screen
  • Failure to load applications
  • Failure to access your files

Most people, once they come across a software-related problem, tend to decide to go with the DIY solution. If there is anything that experience has taught us, it is that DIY solutions will make the problem worse. You need expert service, and you will never go wrong with that option.


The best fix for software related problems is to make sure that you get an expert diagnosis. The experts at AMT Electronics have vast software experience, and you will never go wrong g with their advice and service.

It is especially important to take care of your laptop, but it is of greater importance to make sure that if you come across a problem, you always get expert advice. Laptops have come a long way and there could never have been a better time to own one than now. There could not also have been a better place to get a laptop repair service than AMT Electronics.


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