iPhone 11 users are complaining about screen scratches

When the new iPhone was announced a few weeks ago Apple bragged about the fact that iPhone 11 has the toughest glass in a smartphone. However, just because it is more resilient to shattering doesn’t mean that it is less likely to get scratched. Indeed, some people who rushed to snap the most powerful advanced iPhone on have been left disappointed realizing that despite the best possible care, their phone screen is exhibiting scratched too easily.

Some iPhone 11 users are complaining about screen scratches coming out of the blue

There is a growing number of iPhone 11 users grumbling that scratch and smudges have shown up on their phone screen apparently for no reason. This happened just within the days after they have shelled out $1000 or more for the brand-new iPhone. There is a thread is the Apple support communities flooded with disgruntled iPhone 11 buyers reporting curious scratches/cracks on the screen.

The first complaint posted just five days after the phone launched (25 September). A man complained that they found some disturbing scratches in both his and his wife’s iPhone just after two days of purchase:

“my wife and me have put our brand-new iPhone 11 inside our pocket pants and both screens get scratched the second day of use. Has someone experimented somethg similar?”

The user responded quickly to the thread and the wave of dissatisfaction turned into a tsunami. More than 900 iPhone owners have expressed that they are dealing with the same problem too. Most users assert that the mysterious scratches/nicks are emerging on the screen out of nowhere, even without being dropped or coming into contact with sharp and rough surfaces such as a key or coin. As a forum member, zero-or-one put it:

“I have the same issue as well. The screen feels like it can get scratches or smears when not even in contact with sharp or rough surfaces. Never had this issue with previous generation iPhones. Not impressed.”

Some users have spotted damage on the screen more like a permanent smudge. For example, a user commented:

“Mine’s more like a finger smear, but doesn’t go away. It’s more disturbing than a scratch”

The issue affected not only the new iPhone buyers but also the faithful fans of the iPhone and IOS. They say they never observed the same problem in the previous generations:

“The same happened to my iPhone Pro. I just got it yesterday and kept it in a pocket with nothing else. Less than a day later and there’s already a scratch. I didn’t have this problem with the iPhone X.”

In fact, a peculiar aspect of complaints is that users claim that the scratches are emanating out the blue. This means that you can put a perfect looking iPhone into your pocket and the next day your phone screen is no more flawless without incident. Hence, some users attributed the issue to a manufacturing defect:

“have a legit crack/scratch in my screen that showed up out of nowhere. No drop, no incident… but I can feel it with my nail, but its not a crack in the sense that it’s emanated out or any spider webs. Just a small line-chunk out of the front facing glass, along with a separate small chunk missing a few millimeters away. Truly almost seems like a defect in the manufacturing to have appeared after 24 hours of use without incident.”

In response another user posted a long comment pointing out that the buyers complained of scratching in the past every time a new iPhone released:

“Not to diminish what any of you are experiencing but every year the same things seem to be echoed. There will be people that say their phone shows scratches/nicks inexplicably and that there must be a defect because previous models did it do it. And that may be true for them but there is always at least one thread posted echoing the same complaint”.

He suggested that you should report the issue to Apple and bring your iPhone to the local Apple store to let them thoroughly examine the crack and how it is created.

Whether it is a manufacturing defect or just an ordinary online outrage, it is recommended to put a protector on your screen, at least until the trust will be out!

PS: All image are posted by users in the Apple Support Community