The Leading iPad Repairs Shop in Melbourne CBD

The Leading iPad Repairs Shop in Melbourne CBD

Like it or hate it, there is no denying that Apple makes one of the best tech products on the planet, and the amount of satisfaction you get when holding an Apple device is unmatched. Apple is the largest technology company in the world, and they capture a major chunk of the market share, especially in the tablet industry. The iPad is one of Apple’s most popular and highest-selling products, and according to recent data, in 2021, the Apple iPad was the most popular tablet in the entire world with a market share of around 35-38%.

The Apple iPad is one of the most powerful portable devices on the planet, and it is known for its premium looks, and sheer quality. Although it does not happen very often, sometimes you might notice some issues in your iPad. These problems can be anything from a faulty charging port, to a non-functional screen. Some of these issues can be solved easily by you even if you have no technical knowledge, whereas some of these issues must be dealt with by a professional.

Here are five most common problems faced by iPad users accompanied with their possible solutions. So let’s start.

Five Most Common iPad Issues

Apps Crashing

One of the most common issues faced by most iPad users is the frequent crashing of particular applications. Such a problem usually occurs when you have either updated the application, or you have updated the iOS version. We are saying so because there can be an issue or a few bugs in the new version of the iOS or the application itself that is causing the app to crash frequently.

If you are in a similar situation, you can follow these simple steps:

Force Stop the application, clear the cache, and restart the app.

Uninstall the application, and re-install it.

If the problem still persists, you might have to wait for a stable update, or you should ask for professional help.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

One of the most annoying issues faced by most iPad users is when they cannot connect their device to the WiFi. Without an internet connection, you cannot do a lot because most of the applications these days require an active internet connection. If you are facing WiFi connectivity issues too often, there are a few steps that you can follow.

Before following any of these steps, try connecting your iPad to any other WiFi connection. If your iPad connects to a different network, there might be some issue with your WiFi router, else follow these steps.

Forget the Network

In simple terms, “Forgetting your WiFi network” means disconnecting your device from a particular WiFi network, and reconnecting. Go to Settings -> WiFi. Here you will find the list of all the available WiFi networks. Select your current network, and click on the “Forget Network” option. Once done, restart your device, and connect to the WiFi network again.

Reset the WiFi Router

If forgetting the network didn’t help, resetting the WiFi router might help. Try resetting the router, and once done, try connecting your iPad to the WiFi network. This should solve the problem for most users.

iPad Screen Frozen

Have you ever come across a situation when your iPad screen becomes unresponsive, and no matter what you do, there is no activity shown on the screen. This problem is called screen freezing, and most of the Apple iPad users go through this problem at some point. Although in most cases, it is a one-time affair, it can also be a repetitive problem for many users.

But what is the immediate solution when the screen of your iPad freezes? If you find yourself in a similar situation, there are two things you can do: you can either wait for the device to run out of battery after which it shuts down automatically, or you can switch off the iPad on your own. But you would obviously prefer the second option, won’t you? If your screen freezes and you want to switch off your iPad, press and hold the “Power button” until you see the “Slide to Power Off” option appear on the screen. Slide the button, and your device will shut down.

But why does the screen of your iPad freeze? Although there can be numerous reasons involved behind screen freezing, in most cases, it is a particular application that causes the screen of your iPad to freeze. If your screen freezes mostly when using a particular application, you can try re-installing the application, or updating it to the latest version. However if this does not solve the problem, or you are facing screen freezes while using other applications as well, it would be best if you take your iPad to a service centre.

iPad stuck on Apple Startup Logo

We are familiar with the Apple logo that appears on the screen when we are powering up our iPads. But what if your iPad gets stuck on that Apple logo? Although the situation might seem similar to the screen freeze problem we discussed earlier, it might be caused because of a completely different reason.

Most of the time, an iPad getting stuck on the startup logo indicates an issue with the booting software of the device. If you find yourself in a similar situation, the only thing that you can do is reset your iPad to its default settings. However, you should know that doing this would erase all the data stored on your iPad, and you should follow this step only when you have made a backup of the data stored on your device.

Battery Drain/Charging Issues

iPads are said to have one of the best battery life amongst portable devices which is why a lot of students, and working professionals opt for iPads for their study/work related requirements. If you feel that your iPad’s battery is draining rapidly, you can follow these steps:

Make sure that there are not a lot of applications running in the background.

Update your iPad to the latest iOS version, and update all the applications as well.

Reset your device to the default factory settings.

If none of the above mentioned steps work, there might be an issue with your iPad’s battery, and you might have to replace the battery.

On the other hand, a lot of users might also face a few issues when they are trying to charge their iPads. If you are facing troubles when you are trying to charge your laptop there might be two reasons: either you have a faulty wall adapter/charging cable, or there is an issue with your iPad’s charging port. The best way to find out the problem is to use another charging cable/adapter. If replacing the adapter/charging cable didn’t help, there might be an issue with the charging port.

How can AMT Electronics help you?

AMT Electronics is a one-stop solution if you are facing any issues with your iPad and you want them to be resolved as soon as possible. At AMT Electronics, you will get help with almost every iPad related issue including: iPad Screen Repair, iPad Volume Button Repair, iPad Charger Connector Repair, iPad LCD Repair, iPad Silent Buttons Repair, iPad Battery Repair, iPad Power Button Repair, iPad Home Button Repair, and iPad Water Damage Repair.

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AMT Electronics was established in 1990, and thanks to our specialized experience in the IT industry, we have been serving customers ever since. If you want to get your iPad repaired, we should be your first choice because:

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